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With reference to the Regulation no. 679 from April 27, 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, that enters into force in May 25, 2018,  and the repealing of Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR) and considering that both parties have the obligation to comply with the provisions of this Regulation,

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- The right not to be subject to an automated decision-making process (profile creation).
The parties also acknowledge that in order to exercise these rights they may file a written request, dated and signed to the attention of the person responsible for the protection of personal data of the other party.
Compliance obligations of the parties
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The parties shall ensure that access to personal data is limited to the personnel directly involved in completing the required services. The parties will also aim to reduce the volume of processed data only to those data strictly necessary for each specific processing purpose.

Either party shall notify the other party in writing as soon as possible, and in any case within 24 hours, of any accidental, unauthorized or illegal destruction, loss, modification, disclosure or access to the personal  data. The notification shall mention (i) the details of the security breach, (ii) the type of data object to the security breach, and (iii) the identity of each affected person (or, if not, the approximate number of data subjects and data recordings). For the companies within ATP EXODUS GROUP, the communication will be made by email at



The Company and its providers does not assume the responsibility for misprints and display errors. If the price of the product or some of its features were wrongly entered in our database or displayed incorrectly, and the delivery was not made yet, the Company have the right to cancel the delivery of the product and inform the customer in the shortest time on the error occurred. Also, the pictures are displayed on site by way of example and the delivered products may differ from the images in any way due to changing characteristics, design, without notice by the manufacturers. Maximum amount of obligations of the Company, to any customer, in case of improper delivery or undelivered order is the amount received by the Company from the customer, amount representing the value of the products improper delivered or undelivered. Once delivery has been made an order cannot be refunded.


By submitting the order, the customer agrees to purchase the products. When the seller sent the confirmation message to customer’s order a contract is concluded. The seller reserves the right to accept or reject an order. Any unconfirmed order does not have a contract value. The price, the payment method and the payment term are specified in order.




The warranty period for the products in the online store it is as follows: 12 months from the sale date for the original spare parts and 24 months for the aftermarket parts, excepting the consumables spare parts: accessories, lightbulbs, plug sensor, auto cosmetics, distribution belts, transmission belts, ignition elements, brake pads and filters (air, oil, fuel), metal-plastic gaskets, oil retainers, windscreen wipers, tools. Each delivery will contain a warranty certificate.


I. Return spare parts in stock
The goods delivered properly cannot be returned. Any complaints related to the mismatch between the products and the payment bill are not allowed after signing the bill by the customer representative, in case of direct delivery by an ATP Exodus representative, or after 2 working days, in case of delivery through messaging. Any return (other than those relating to the quality of the goods) can be made within a maximum of 14 days after delivery. Spare parts whose amount is less than 10€ cannot be returned. The primordial condition of returning is the intact packing, without mentions on it and the spare parts, intact, clean, without traces of mounting. For returning spare parts in stock the response is in about 2 working days. 
II. Return old spare parts 
Old spare parts in return are given to the Company, SC ATP Exodus, in maximum 5 working days from the date of the payment bill. Old spare parts in return will be returned in the package of the new spare parts from its providers; will be defatted, without leaks of oil, assembled, without missing components, without major faulty. The concordance of the old spare parts will be analyzed by the employees of ATP Exodus which will return the withheld amounts to customers only after receiving the cancellation bill from the provider.


Shipping terms are in accordance with the order and usually in our company is 1-2 days for the products in stock.

11. TAXES:

The final price paid by the customer consists of product price and any shipping taxes, only if the shipment is made by express delivery at customer's request. There is no extra fee added by company.

12. FRAUD:

Any attempt to access personal data of another user, or to modify the content of the website, or to affect server performance where the runs, is considered fraud attempt of the website, and it will start the criminal investigation against those who have tried this fact.


Any dispute between the customer and the Company will be solved amicably. If we cannot succeed solving the conflict amicably, competence will come back to the court where the seller has the registered office. Where is necessary, these clauses are completed with the contract concluded with the client.

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Dear customers, please find below the information regarding processing and answering to quality complaints for products purchased in ATP Exodus branch network:

In case of non-conformity, hidden flaws of the purchased product, in the warranty term provided by the producer, the buyer will hand in the claimed product at any ATP EXODUS branch. It is compulsory that the claimed product is accompanied by the following documents:



PRODUCT RETURN FORM (download file), filled in and signed by the customer and the ATP Exodus assignee in the branch the product was returned to.
Additional information for complaints and return product (download file), filled in with all required information and signed by the customer
Copy of the invoice /and warranty certificate appropriately filled in and signed by the seller and the customer
Evidence that the part was mounted in an authorized motor service (quotation, order assembly) and the fiscal documents related to the work;
Note issued by the service in which it is stated a detailed description of the flaw
Copy of the vehicle's registration certificate and / or ID card
Copy attesting the term of validity of the vehicle's periodic technical inspection


Please note that lack of required documents or providing incomplete or incorrect information may result in denial of warranty dossier related to claimed product. The complaint filed by the buyer is to be analyzed in a reasonable period of time, starting with the receipt date of the claimed product at the seller's branch accompanied by all the documents listed above. The buyer is to receive a written response to each complaint.


If the complaint is justified, the seller commits to replacing the product, but if the complaint is not justified, the buyer is to bear all the costs related to processing the product return request.

Please note that products other than spare parts sold by ATP Exodus branches or products offered as part of ATP Exodus promotional campaigns are not subject to warranty.
For auto parts marketed under BOSCH brand, other than batteries, the warranty is assured by BOSCH CAR SERVICE units.
For auto batteries marketed under ROMBAT brand, the warranty is assured by ROMBAT authorized services, listed in the appendix to the warranty certificate which accompanies every battery.


For more information please contact Warranty Department:


Warranty Department

Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 16:00

Tel.: 0262 349 005
Fax: 0362 805 679


Hereby, the issuer of the invoice certifies that the products that make the object of this invoice are original or replaceable with original parts. The products are made and certified by the producer after the standards and the parameters which are in effect and respect the European quality norms. The warranty is granted according to Law 449/2003 reissued OG 21/1992 reissued, C. commercial, C. civil. For the commercialized products, the issuer of the invoice grants warranty (except for normal wear) as follows:

- 24 months for aftermarket parts;

- 12 months for original parts, subassembly and spare parts for the long usage products, by respecting the technical specifications given by the producer;

- 6 month for: auto and motorcycle tires, bushings, cables, wipers;

- For the consumables (lights, antifreeze, oil, filters, sprays, etc.) no warranty is granted. 

The warranty is granted in case of conformity lacks or/and in case of hidden flaws.

Note: The producer can grant, for some products, a higher period than that mentioned above, period which we also commit ourselves to grant. The products that have fabric defects during the warranty period will be repaired, replaced with new ones or the buyer will receive a price discount. The warranty term starts with the date written on the invoice.



The seller and the producer are cleared from the liability regarding the warranty or this can be cancelled in the following cases:

- The part was not assembled in an authorized service for the performed services and for the vehicle’s brand on which the parts were assembled;

- If the damage was produced due to the failure of respecting the assembly, installation, commissioning, usage, maintenance, manipulation and transport instructions provided by the producer;

- The part was used for another purpose than that indicated in the producer’s catalogue or it was wrongly chosen and assembled due to the wrong data provided by the buyer;

- The part is damaged due to a wrong assembly or due to an assembly with used associated, defect or modified parts (for example: The assembly of a new telescope together with a used one on the same ax etc.);

- The part was outworn or damaged due to overload, incorrect or insufficient maintenance of the vehicle, due to missing periodic reviews as recommended by the car’s manufacturer, or the motor service that performed the installation has not established checks and subsequent adjustments according to installation technology or that required by the manufacturer; 

- The vehicle has been used for purposes other than that provided by the manufacturer and has been exploited in improper conditions: exceeding the maximum permissible weight, changing the electrical installation, start by towing and so on;

- The car has been injured or suffered damages caused by external factors, atmospheric or others: thermal, mechanical, electrical shocks and so on;

- The parts do not show normal wear: shows dents, creases, scratches, deformation, cracks, crushing, and so on;

- Series/marking/identification code of the product has been deleted or it presents markings or punching craft;

- Disassembly of the parts in components or in sub-assembly of the products, or the damaging of seals applied by the manufacturer, where applicable;

- The vehicle shows damages at the steering, braking, cooling, air conditioning, electrical system and so on;

- Product flaw due to the presence of foreign bodies, dust, dirt in their operating areas (for example: lubrication system, hydraulic, intake, and so on);

- Failure to respect the span and program of the technical revision established by the vehicle’s manufacturer;

- The vehicle for which the product is intended is unregistered or has the periodic technical inspection expired before the occurrence of the warranty case;

- The buyer does not request the warranty in the period referred to in this certificate, or does not submit all the documents referred to in section IV, or they are filled in wrongly, incomplete or in non-conformity.




Not covered by the warranty granted by this Certificate goods other than parts offered in promotional campaigns.

For auto parts brand BOSCH, other than batteries, the warranty is assured by BOSCH CAR SERVICE units.

For auto batteries brand ROMBAT, the warranty is assured by ROMBAT authorized services, listed in the annex to the warranty certificate which accompanies every battery.

IV. Procedures for resolving complaints

In case of non-conformity, hidden flaws of the purchased product, in the warranty term provided by this certificate, the buyer will hand in the claimed product at any branch of the seller, accompanied by the following documents:

- Copy of the invoice and warranty certificate appropriately filled in and signed by the vendor and the customer;

- Evidence that the part was mounted in an authorized motor service (quotation, order assembly) and the fiscal documents related to the work;

- Note issued by the service in which it is stated a detailed description of the flaw;

- Copy of the vehicle’s registration certificate and / or ID card;

- Copy attesting the term of validity of the vehicle’s periodic technical inspection;

- Original and undamaged packaging.

The complaint handed in by the buyer will be analyzed in a reasonable time, from the date of receipt of the claimed products at the seller’s branch accompanied by all the documents listed above. The buyer will receive a written response to each complaint.


If the complaint was justified, the seller commits to replace the product, otherwise, if the complaint was not justified, the costs related to the check and product analysis shall be borne by the buyer.

Rule: goods ordered and properly delivered will not be returned!

General conditions of warranty for batteries sold by ATP Exodus SRL

The warranty for the batteries sold by ATP Exodus is in compliance with the terms and conditions of warranty provided by the manufacturers. These may vary depending on the manufacturer and type of battery. All information is provided on the Warranty Certificate issued and completed at the purchase of the batteries from the ATP Exodus branches from the country.
For warranty information granted for the purchase of a certain type of batteries, please consult the Warranty Certificate or contact the ATP Exodus Warranties Department at e-mail


Regardless of the battery's brand, in order to be able to provide the WARRANTY it is required that the vehicle on which the battery is installed to meet a number of technical conditions. The acknowledgement of fulfillment / non-fulfillment of these conditions must be performed by a service facility authorized by the Manufacturer or the Seller within 5 working days after purchase.

Below are some instructions on installation, maintenance, request of the warranty and mandatory requirements to qualify for Warranty.


Battery installation instructions:
Correct installation involves the following requirements:

Before installation it is recommended to disconnect all electrical consumers;
Fixing batteries without allowing it to move on the support;
Electrical contact surfaces of the battery terminals and those of the cable lug grip will have to be cleaned by oxides until the appearance of metallic gloss, afterwards they will have to be protected with silicone vaseline;
Firm fixing of the lugs on the terminals, without producing mechanical damage;
To be used only the mounting lugs that achieve a good electrical contact;
The order of the circuit connection is the following: first the positive lug, then the negative;
It is prohibited to mount on the car discharged batteries (with load factor below 75%);
On vehicles with 24V electrical circuit it is mandatory that the two batteries are identical constructive, with a close rate of wear and with the same load factor;
It is prohibited to connect directly to the battery any additional consumer;
! Damage due to improper assembly leads to the loss of the warranty.

Instructions for operation and maintenance of batteries:

Correct use of the mounted battery on the vehicle requires:

Verification of the conformity required to fulfill the good functionality requirements, immediately after installation;
Not using the battery with a load factor below 75% (electrolyte density below 1.25g/cm3 and terminal voltage below 12.5V);
The correct operation of the loading system (alternator, rectifier bridge, relay load, the mechanical motion transmission);
Excluding the use of electrical consumers other than those specified in the vehicle's instruction book;
Avoid prolonged charging of large electrical consumers with the engine off;
Recharging of the battery whenever there was an accidental discharge;
Avoid prolonged parking of the vehicle ( over 8 weeks);
Using the battery in an under loaded condition (load factor under 75%) equals with a technical under dimension that leads in time to damage through overstressing. This defect is due to exploitation and leads to the loss of warranty!
The battery cover must be clean, dry, with the plugs' holes unobstructed by dust and dirt.
For batteries with maintenance it is necessary to check the electrolyte level quarterly. The level of electrolyte should be 25 mm above the plates. If it is found that the level it is not suitable, to be filled with distilled or demineralized water.
! Adding electrolyte or tap water leads to the loss of warranty right.


Initial check
The initial check is mandatory in order to benefit by the warranty.
Within the check it is necessary to perform the following tests:


A. Check of the terminal voltage 
For vehicles with circuit of 12 V, the voltage should be between 13.8- 14,4 V.
For vehicles with circuit of 24 V, the voltage should be between 28 - 28,8 V. If the voltage at the terminals of the two batteries is measured, these should differ no more than 0,2 V.
Terminal voltage should be within the limits specified regardless of the engine's speed and coupled electrical consumers.

To ensure the voltage at the terminals within the limits specified above presumes the correct operation of the relay load, of the bridge rectifier, of the alternator and of the mechanical system of movement transmission.


B. Battery compatibility check 
For vehicles with circuit of 24 V it is mandatory that the two batteries are identical constructive, with a close rate of wear and with the same load factor.


C. Excluding the use of consumers other than those specified in the vehicle's instruction book
It is prohibited to connect to the battery terminals any additional consumer (fridge, TV, heater).
To supply additional consumers, a converter of 24V/ 12V must be used.

The results of the inspection shall be recorded in the product's Warranty Certificate, which will remain in the possession of the Purchaser and whose evidence is needed to treat hidden flaws during warranty period.


Complaints handling, obligation of the Seller:

In case of unjustified claims not covered by the manufacturer's warranty conditions, ATP Exodus will send the negative response to the contact address provided by the customer when submitting the warranty request. 
In case of justified complaints (the battery has a manufacturing defect), the ATP responsible will issue the returned goods documents, then will issue the invoice for the returned defective battery or will replace with a new battery, depending on the manufacturer.
ATP Exodus engages to review the warranty folder within 10 working days and provide an official response to the Buyer, provided that the Buyer meets all the requirement from the paragraphs below:

Complaints handling, the steps to follow:


1. The acknowledgement from an authorized motor service and agreed by the manufacturer or by an ATP Exodus representative:
For the check of the claimed battery within warranty period, the customer has to take the vehicle he has put the battery on, accompanied by the original Warranty Certificate to one of the motor service units recommended by the Producer /service unit agreed with ATP Exodus SRL (please ask your ATP contact person about the list with these units in your area). The authorized service unit will perform the following checking:

Check the electrolyte density;
Check the voltage at the terminals;
Excluding the use of additional consumers.
If the batteries are discharged, they should be charged until the electrolyte's density reaches the minimum density of 1,25 g/cm3. Discharged batteries DO NOT MAKE THE OBJECT OF THE WARRANTY, their charging (to the minimum point of 1,25g/cm3) is the responsibility of the Buyer.


2. Returning defective battery to one of ATP Exodus offices in the country, accompanied by the following mandatory documents:

Purchase invoice;
The acknowledgement of the motor service unit that identified the flaw, registered in the Warranty Certificate.
Copy of the registration certificate or copy of the vehicle's identity card;
Returned product form fully completed (the returned product form will be completed in the presence of an ATP representative when the complaint is submitted to the ATP branch).
If the complaint was not justified, the expenses will be entirely borne (transport and labor) by the Buyer.


The buyer loses the warranty right in the following situations:

Does not show the Warranty Certificate or the purchase invoice;
Shows no evidence that the initial check required was made within the specified time;
Lack or destruction of identification dates entered by the producer on the batteries;
The battery has the cover broken, damaged terminals, deposits of paste on plugs, contaminated electrolyte, fallen paste;
The battery defect is due to improper or incorrect operation;
The battery is deeply discharged, load terminal voltage under 8,1V;
The battery has been damaged following a traffic accident or of any other kind (mechanical or thermal shock);

Batteries DO NOT REPRESENT A WARRANTY CASE in the following situations:
The value of voltage charge measured is not situated within the range 13,8V - 14,4 V;
The density of the electrolyte after reloading in all element is situated below the appropriate level of 1,25 g/cm3. This indicated improper operation, in technical terms called sulfation;
Battery capacity is less than that recommended in the instruction book of the vehicle on which the battery was installed;
If some changes of the vehicle's electrical installation led to the overstressing of the battery;
The battery was strainedly opened or was misused after discharging;
The battery is used with a defective charging system;

Warning! Uniform increase of the electrolyte's density in all cells is an indicator that the battery is not defective.

Warning! Increased terminal voltage not interrelated to the increased density of the electrolyte shows that the battery is defective and the defect is due to an operating error (irreversible sulfation - due to incorrect use of the battery - not appropriately loaded).


WARRANTY. The warranty's term listed on the Warranty Certificate are valid if the battery was properly operated. The warranty covers only the manufacturing defects' cases and covers at the most the full value of the claimed battery.
More information regarding warranty provided for sale by ATP Exodus can be requested at e-mail

General conditions of warranty for turbochargers sold by ATP Exodus SRL


The warranty for the turbochargers sold by ATP Exodus is in compliance with warranty terms and conditions provided by the manufacturers. These may vary depending on the manufacturer. For information regarding warranty granted for a certain type of turbocharger, please contact us using the following e-mail address:

Warranty covers any flaw in material or production that may occur within the terms of the warranty. Any flaw due to unappropiate exploitation or handling, incorrect or unprofessional mounting, without complying with the indications given by the equipment or the vehicule's manufacturer, is not covered by warranty.

Also, warranty does not cover for cases in which abnormal wearing of the parts is found and it is due to inferior quality of the lubricants, inferior quality of the filter elements, improper operation or replacement of the elements after the period of time prescribed by the manufacturer.
Intervention on turbochargers of unauthorized personnel involves losing the right to warranty.
Warranty is granted only if the turbocharger was mounted in a motor service authorized for specific works ( authorized for a specific type of vehicule or type of work)


Compulsory works for granting warranty:

1. Works prior to changing the turbocharger 
Check the air filters (cleaning and replacing filter cartridges)
Check if free circulation of air is provided between the filter and the inlet port of the turbocharger.
Check the engine exhaust manifold to make sure that no foreign objects within the engine will destroy the turbine.
Change oil filter(s) or oil filter cartridge(s)
Check the integrity and tightness of the oil supply pipe of the turbocharger in order to ensure perfect lubrication (foreign objects or dirt in the oil supply pipe are to be removed)

2. Instructions for mounting the turbocharger
Before installation and connection to the lubrication circuit special attention is to be given to removing the sealing plug of the lubrication circuits.
When connecting the exhaust or intake pipe one should loosen the tightenings of the necklace and mounting flange so that the shell cand be adjusted in the desired position.
Check the air inlet and discharge so that air flow is not impeded in connections.
Execute connections needed with exhaust and inlet pipe always using new seals (do not use other materials when sealing). It is forbidden to use silicone when sealing. Prime the turbocharger (through lubrication holes) with fresh engine oil.
Connect the oil inlet with the engine oil pipeline. Check if the oil outlet in the turbocharger is empty.


3. Commissioning the turbocharger
Check all of the turbocharger's bolts
Rotate the engine (without turning it on!) until the oil flows continuously through the oil outlet.
Connect to the engine the oil exhaust pipe in the turbocharger. Check for anything that could impede with the oil discharge out of the turbocharger.
Once you are done with all the actions mentioned above, the engine is ready to be turned on. It is recommended to check the pressures (inlet pressure, oil pressure and exhaust) one more time with the engine turned on.


4. Main factors that lead to turbocharger failure and that do not represent a warranty case

Manufacturers' tests conclude that 90% of failures are due to the following reasons:

4.1 Penetration of foreign objects in the turbocharger's turbine or compressor
4.2 Soiled or contaminated engine oil, that is used in lubricating the turbocharger's bearings
4.3 Insufficient / inadequate quantity of oil (oil pressure / filtration system / engine start-stop)
4.4 High temperature of the exhaust gas (faulty injection system)



4.1 Penetration of foreign objects (damage caused by impact)
Damage caused by foreign object impact, objects in the compressor's or turbine's housing, is clearly visible on the blades of the propellers of the compressor or turbine.
Do not continue to use a turbocharger with the propellers' blades damaged!
Rotor balance will be affected, and this may shorten the life of the turbocharger or it may even cause permanent damage of the turbocharger that may lead to engine failure.


Photo - Damaged compressor propeller


Photo - Damaged turbine propeller


4.2 Soiled or contaminated oil engine
Engine oil contamination manifests itself through:


Photo - Scratches on the bushing's shaft


Photo - Bush scratched by dirt


Impurities in the oil deteriorate turbocharger components by causing deep scratches on the bushes' surfaces.
In order to avoid failure, installation services must be of the quality recommended by the engine manufacturer. Filters should always be changed when installing a new turbocharger. Also, filters should be changed at regular intervals according to the technical specifications of the engine.


Damage caused by oil impurities may result from:


Clogged, broken or poor quality oil filter
Impurities introduced during repair
Engine wear or residues in the process of reassembling the engine
Poor quality or degraded oil

4.3 Insufficient / inadequate quantity of oil (oil pressure / filtration system / engine start-stop)


Lengthy interruptions (8-10 seconds) of oil supply may cause serious damage of the bushing
Interlinked surfaces of the bushing will show visible signs of burning, caused by excessive heat due to lack of oil. Discoloration caused by overheating is often visible on the axle and the components.



Photo - Wear of the interlinked surfaces of the bushing


Photo - Axle wear and discoloration due to overheating



The most common causes for insufficient / inadequate quality of oil are:



Broken or clogged oil pipeline
Damage of the oil pump
Low or no oil in the oil sump
Clogged oil filter

4.4 High temperature of the exhaust gas (faulty injection system)

Damage caused by excessive heating of the exhaust system as well as turning off the engine without leaving the turbocharger time to cool causes carbon to accumulate.
Before turning off the engine it is recommended for it to function idle for 2-3 minutes in order to allow the bushing system to cool.
Heat transfer from the exhaust part of the turbine into the casing of the bushing causes oil carbonization and corrosion of the bushing system.

Photo - Excessive carbon accumulation (oil burnt due to overheating) on the axle / impeller

Photo - Bushing damage caused by turning off the engine while still „hot"

The most common causes that may lead to overheating of the exhaust gas:

Clogged air filter / excessive restriction of the air intake
Turning off the engine while still „hot"
Degradation of the oil used for repairs
Rarely changing the oil
Infiltration of air or gas
Procedure for resolving complaints

In case of lack of conformity,the buyer is to hand in the claimed product, within a maximum of 12 months from the date of the purchase receipt, at any ATP Exodus branch, accompanied by the following documents:
Copy of the invoice and warranty certificate appropriately filled in and signed by the vendor and the customer;
Evidence that the part was mounted in an authorized motor service (quotation, order assembly) and the fiscal documents related to the work;
Note issued by the service in which it is stated a detailed description of the flaw
Copy of the vehicle's registration certificate and / or ID card;
Copy attesting the term of validity of the vehicle's periodic technical inspection;
Original and undamaged packaging
Additional appendix filled in with the customer's information

Complaints handling, responsibilities of the Buyer:

Warranty is granted only if the turbocharger was mounted in a motor service authorized for specific works ( authorized for a specific type of vehicule or type of work). When changing the turbocharger it is compulsory to change oil as well as air and oil filters. Filter and oil quality must be equal to the one recommended by the vehicule's manufacturer. It is forbidden to use silicone for sealing.






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Sasar, Maramures, Romania



+40 262 349 005

+40 362 403 500