Lubricants and chemical products at the highest standards
of quality and performance

ATP Automotive piese auto camioane la cele mai inalte standarde de calitate

Oil, lubrication

The ATP Automotive offer contains synthetic oils that ensure an excellent lubrication at low temperatures and optimal protection in both normal conditions or high temperatures.

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Technical sprays

In the extended range of ATP Automotive products, you can find specialised chemical products, suitable for every need. Through the use of these products, the whole contamination resulted from the oil, fuel or cooling systems is removed.

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Brake fluid

In order to prevent any unwanted traffic events, the brake fluid needs to be regularly replaced, at the deadlines prescribed by the manufacturers. We offer efficient brake fluids that are resistant to frost, heat, ageing and oxidation.

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Cleaning products

Whether you have to clean a vehicle or whole car parks, rooms or exterior surfaces, we offer you Karcher products that are developed and tested in their own laboratories, being 90% biodegradable and produced at the highest standards of quality.

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This antifreeze offers protection for your radiator that lasts for a whole year, the reduction of chalk deposits and anticorrosive protection. 

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We offer a screenwash solution that can handle temperatures as low as -70°C, being suitable for both small vehicles and trucks.

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We offer lubrication greases that are adequate for the long-term or permanent lubrication of high usage surfaces and products that are adequate for ball or roll bearings that operate in a dusty or humid atmosphere.

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